Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Makeshift modeling paste...

So, I watch A LOT of YouTube videos...I mean A LOT!  :)
Well, in one of Thefrugralcrafter videos she said you could use white window caulk in the place of embossing/modeling paste!  WHAT!?  How great is that!
So I tried it... and not only did it work great, it's way cheaper!

Ok, so I also came across this young man's blog and just had to share...

He used embossing paste and while it was still wet he sprinkled on some embossing powder, let it dry completely and then heat embossed it.  Did you see his adorable card?  I think it looks great! So I had to try it for myself!  :)
Here is my go at using white caulk as embossing paste and silver embossing powder TOO!

(oh and for the backgrounds in these cards, I tried out my new distress markers too.  I scribbled on my craft mat and then spritz it with water, then smooshed some water color paper around on it and tada!  )

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