Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sent off a box of cards....

A total of 33 cards (I know that's not many) are on their way to Operation Write Home!

I normaly wait until I have more than that to mail them in but I wanted to get them mailed before the rates go up AGAIN!  ack!

Here is one that was in the box...

/\  /\  /\This one has a cute little fairy sticker from Creative Memories.  I've had this set for YEARS and just now decided it belonged on a card!  HaHa
\/  \/  \/ I saw a sketch somewhere for this one...But I can't for the world of me remember where.  I'm sure it was somewhere linked to OWH.
These next two were an idea from pinterest.  I love the butterfly one, but not so sure about the ladybug one.  Can you BELIEVE I just said that?  HaHa