Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Stampin Up Card, but first a story...

I do have a card for you today, but first...a story:

Saturday was quite the adventure around my house!
As I was leaving to go to a Stampin' Up card making party my 14 year old asked if she could go to her friend's house (across the street).  I said, ''If you feed your cat, then yes, you may go.''

I left for the party only to get a phone call about ten minutes into it....  It was my neighbor from across the street... Somehow, my daughter managed to bend down, feed her cat, then turn to RUN up the stairs, only to crack her head on the very end of the wooden handrail!  OUCH!

My daughter says, she hit the handrail so hard that her bottom jar clamped shut, rather hard! So she instantly thought to grab her bottom jaw and moan.  Almost just as instantly, her hand flew to her head in reaction to the pain on top of her head.  And do you suppose she found?  Yep, blood.
Her only thought was to go get the ''neighbor lady'' to get her to call Mom!
I came home, took my daughter to the ER and she was given 3 stitches in the top of her head without one single complaint from her.  She's one tough cookie!
What an adventure!

Without further is one of the cards that was made at the card making party that I missed most of!  lol

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