Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To use a lightbox or not to use a lightbox...

I have been saying how I don't like the quality of my photos that I post on here and my husband suggested I use a lightbox.

I found a tutorial online (can't remember where) that showed how to make your own box.

Well, I gave it a try and I think I like my old photo method better.   What do ya'll think?

Without a lightbox...

With a lightbox...

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  1. I guess it would depend on what it looked like in real life. I made a light box a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased with the way the cards look. More true to color than my scanner was getting. I miss my scanner though. Setting up the lightbox and the light is a big pain. The last card I had to slip in a darker paper because it was on a white card